Our highly customized Winnipeg home care services are personalized for each Client’s individual needs. We work hard to create the best possible Partnership between you, your family and your individual home care Partner. Our own story fuels our passion to provide the highest possible Client Experience. Our ultimate goal is to enable our Clients to maintain their independence, preference and privacy all in the security of their own home. With Partners for Home, it is your needs that come first.



If at any time, you are not fully satisfied with your individual home care Partner, we will work with you until we have created the right Partnership.


My wife, Gisella and I created Partners for Home after our father was diagnosed with an advanced neurological disorder. What started as a gradual loss of strength in his arms, led to advanced balance and mobility degradation throughout his entire body.  For our family, it was very important that our father maintain his dignity, independence, preference and privacy all within the security and comfort of his own home. Because of how our company works with the WRHA’s Self / Family Managed Home Care program (SFMC), to this day, our father continues to lead a productive and safe life at home, despite not being able to move his arms or legs. With the assistance of his Home Care Aid Partners, through the company we created, he is able to continue as an active contributor to society. In addition, our family, especially our mother, receives the support needed to maintain the family life that we had always known. This was not always the case. As our father’s health was deteriorating, it became obvious to Gisella and I, that my mother was just not able to take care of my father on her own, so we moved both of our parents into our own home. Despite our best collective efforts, this continued to be a real challenge and we thought our only option was to move our father into an assisted living facility, away from home and family. It was not until we discovered the WRHA’s SFMC program that we knew we could safely keep our father at home. The SFCM program gave our family the freedom to choose a private Winnipeg home care agency to build a fully customized program that fitted our family’s specific needs.   Gisella also experienced a similar journey with her side of the family. When her grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the family thought they would have to be separated from him during this crucial time of his life. Thanks to Home Care services, both her grandmother and grandfather were able to remain together, at home, throughout his battle. Throughout our journey, we learned that we are not alone. In speaking with many of our friends and family who were going through similar situations most did not know where to start, and lacked basic information about the services available to them. Our team of experts will provide you end-to-end guidance on the steps you need to follow to keep your loved ones at home.  We know the key to providing a truly successful partnership lies in matching the right Home Care Aid Partner to each Client and then helping to keep that partnership aligned for as long as possible. Partners for Home leverages Insights Discovery, a leading global Psychometric Profile system that highlights an individual’s own strengths and weaknesses, communication style, approach to problems and value to a team. We use this system to help provide the highest possible partnership for our Client and Care Partner. Additionally, we selectively recruit the highest quality Care Partners and provide higher than industry compensation along with progressive training. Our own stories fuel our passion to provide other families like ours, the freedom and flexibility needed to keep their loved ones at home, when they need home the most. At Partners for Home, we have the passion, experience, expertise and the desire to help you and your family with your journey. Thank you again for considering Partners for Home. With Partners for Home, it is your needs that come first.